Find beautiful artificial stems for your artificial flower arrangement creations at Floral Fusion Designs. Faux floral stems make the perfect addition to your floral arrangement. You can add them to your artificial flower display to help add more volume to your arrangement and draw the eye with a touch of green foliage. Floral stems from Floral Fusion Designs have been selected for their highest quality materials and real life appearance. Not only that, you can style faux flower stems into flower bouquets, flower wreaths, flower hanging baskets, arches and more. These stems are highly versatile! We have a beautiful range of faux flower stems to offer you including the very popular eucalyptus artificial stems – great for arrangements all year round!

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  • faux cherry blossom flowers | fake cherry blossom flowers | cherry blossom stems | artificial flowers | faux botanical stems | faux flowers cherry blossoms | Floral Fusion Designs Sold
    Blush Cherry Blossom Stem
  • eucalyptus artificial stems | eucalyptus fake stems | eucalyptus stems artificial | Floral Fusion Designs
    Eucalyptus Stem (Real touch)
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